A simple betting trick on UK football

Click here to read about a tons of betting trick that you can use in order to make your bookie suffer. The most important is to know your bookie and the odds. Don’t bet just blindly following your impulse. Compare odds at different bookies and make sure that you get the best odds for the highest winnings.

The bonus betting trick

The bonus betting trickMaybe you already know, but a bonus can only be received once per customer. That counts especially for the welcome bonus. But that shouldn’t stop you from using it. A welcome bonus is always a great way to increase your betting balance and if you know your teams, you will be able to win against your bookie and cash in the high winnings that you’re looking for. So make sure to always get the welcome bonus with every bookmaker that you register with.

But there are also other bookmaker promos such as increased odds, free bets or risk-free bets, so keep your eyes open for reoccurring offers at the different sportsbetting websites that offer UK football.

The money management trick

Always maintain your money management. If you want to be successful with your bets and leave with a profit, you will have to avoid impulsive betting and maintain a clear betting strategy, from the amounts you bet, to the situations you try to avoid.

The betting tax trick

In Germany there is a 5% betting tax, which is annoying. But there is a way to protect yourself from that and use a tax-free betting company. Betfair, for example, does not charge taxes to their customers. With other sports betting providers, combination bets can be tax-free. At Bet3000, for example, if you select combinations of four or more selections, Bet300 will cover the 5% betting tax for you. And last but not least, also all live bets are excluded from the betting tax.

The multi-bet trick

When it comes to combination bets, many think of a combination with a huge amount of bets of ten or more selections that promise huge odds. Do not be fooled, your success lies in the small combos on favourite tips. Three choices of odds at 1.30 already result in a total odd of over 2.00

The draw trick

Granted, this one is a riskier sports betting trick, but still manageable. Many shy away from backing a draw because they are so slow. There are two to three games that end in a draw per match day in the Bundesliga.
The odds for a tie are mostly around 3.00. Also, if you had bet € 5 on a draw for Hoffenheim at odds of 3.00 every week during the season, you would have achieved a € 10 profit after 34 match days.

However, it is very important that you stay with one team and constantly bet on the draw. Of course, you shouldn't be choosing FC Bayern or another high scoring team. There are also other leagues, such as the 3rd division in Germany, where you will often encounter a draw.