The Diary Bar (Waddesdon Manor – Buckinghamshire)

The Diary Bar

A beautiful wedding venue in the heart of the English countryside, the Dairy at Waddesdon manor consists of a large courtyard and a number of smaller rooms as well as luxurious grounds and a moat. The main hall of the dairy converts for the evening meal for weddings into a disco and bar area. The bar itself is served by attentive bar persons although proves to be quite expensive and only really offering spirits and mixers or beers. In fact one could say it is an absolute makeshift bar and has no real value as a venue for drinking in outside of the confines of a celebratory event.

Overall the bar in the Diary at Waddeson Manor was a considerable disappointment given how stunning the rest of the venue is – perhaps the owners of this wonderful property would do well to at least set up a permanent bar – 4/10

The Craufurd Arms

This one is not a place like you expect it to be, an old rock pub in the middle of Wolverton. One of the UKs oldest towns.

Hidden in plain site, this venue deliveres 2 outdoor drinking spots (one roof top), a more “pub-ish” area, a cocktail bar, a live music venue (with regular events) and some of the best rock music I’ve seen.

The selection of beers is also excellent, with anything from super market brands to local brewery craft ales for the more adventourous. They also boast a cocktail menu which looks fairly extensive but this time I didn’t really partake.

This is one of the best pubs in Milton Keynes that I’ve visited, loved it. 8/10


The Halfway House (Rickmansworth – Bucks)

Shuffled down the carriageway of the M25 and right at the end of the tube network this pub seems anything but half-way there. Its a lovely old style cottag of a traditional pub but full of the wrong mix of persons, after a cheap shot of Corky’s or some overpriced, less than satisfactory grub. The furniture in here doesnt match what the place could be and although one of the staff was doing all the work, the other was giving the place a bad name. As a pub this really needs a good crowd (and its quite big) to have fun, yet in the summer the outdoor tables, bar and views of the brook are quite relaxing.

Overall, a pub hidden in the skin of a run-down shack of an adbode. Think families on income benefits, cheap shooters at midday on a sunday and over-varnished wooden beams, which must have seen better days; 4/10