The Atlas Pub (Hove – Brighton)

A weird musty smell hits me ad I enter this rather eccentric traditional pub. The place is kitted out with a scattering of heavy tables and only about a third are occupied. Over the fireplace a DVD plays over and over of fish in a virtual fish-tank. Books sit underneath it on a brick shelf and in the corner a stern faced teenager plays bar billiards- a game I have never seen played before. Half-mesmerised by watching bright balls jiggle into hole assembled across a one player green table with a cue, we approach the bar. The bar is stocked with a strange assortment of drinks, tequila rose sits beside an unidentifiable chocolate liquor but we steer clear and order pints from the various taps. I spot a kit kat resting happily in one of the drinks fridges and cigarettes for sale behind the bar and am, somewhat surprised by the community feel of the place. Off to the left of the bar is a quite well done up restaurant area with echoic toilets and I cannot explain why but i feel a little uncomfortable in a quiet local pub that is just so big.

Overall quite the full fledged experience and a good take on the local pub but not epic by any means – 6/10